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Back to words and reality
I have finally rekindled my passion for writing and blogging.
I have never been interested in literature, but the life stories it entails is just too inspiring.

Ever since the worst teacher in hai sing confronted me with what I blogged(more of her misdeeds), I felt that blogging was just an invitation to loads of trouble. Then, I didn't have the chance to pen down my thoughts and somehow my life became screwed. Olevels brought me to AJC. I was in class 17, a class nice enough. Oh well, I still couldn't 'blend' in and decided to stand by myself and my only friend LW. I wouldn't say joining interact club was a wrong choice because I met ken, vel and josh.

I had everything I would say, everything that made my SGC look fanciful. When I got my alevel grades, it was a disappointment. But then, Lady Luck shined and I still got chances to get scholarships, WHICH I FUCKING GAVE UP ON. This is my worst regret in life, like f. I was that close to getting a teaching scholarship or that close to being a radiologist, but wtf I didn't know what went wrong I just flew aero planes to the ministries. And now, I'm fighting hard for the chances I once abandoned. I know, I should just slap myself.

University is just overrated. I wouldn't encourage anyone to pay 30k for a degree if it isn't for reality where educational qualifications still make a difference. Styx girls are one of the only motivations to go to school everyday. There were hiccups with some of them in between, some strengthened the relationships while some just turned sour. I thought I met someone I could rely on, but we still parted to our own ways. I'm just glad he has forgotten me and also, he isn't forgotten. Then, met someone else through valentines day, wasn't expecting much. Judging from the kind of eagerness I get when he messages me, we are not going to be more than friends.

they say grades don't define us. To me, we define the grades, which in turn define what we really are. It's kinda stupid to insist that grades aren't everything. Look, your employer still considers your qualifications despite the recent hype about a degree certificate being useless . You can become bill gates, but will you be the one out of millions?

School has been screwing me up BADLY to the extent that I would get v upset of the grades I get. I used to love studying so much because it brings out my curiosity. Right now, university is just a piece of shit that I can't wait to get rid of. I would have rotted till death if I didn't choose to go summer.

I can't wait for a whole new experience at KU. I need something new to freshen me up. I need to grow mentally. I need to stop getting so affected. I need a change.


I'm back for good!
Hey guysssss it's been long isn't it!

2 years since i last updated it and sighhhhhh
uni has been a bitch lately.
Median scores of 14/15 for tests are pushing me back all the way to the end of the bell curve and i really dont wanna welcome another devastating C grade!

But i think I did pretty well in time management for sem 2!
SLEEP is always(has been) the top priority for me and I'm glad I can at least sleep 6 hours per day without forgoing many things!

Thank God for the wonderful friends in STYX, they really helped me pull through uni.

Yeah guys, dont get cheated.
Every exam in uni is machiam the final of the finals exam! hectic like hell.
who wants a low GPA grade?
Although we all know GPA isn't everything. :(

Okay that's about it!